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Welcome to my page~!

Pink Rose Divider - Free to use by r0se-designs Pink Rose Divider - Free to use by r0se-designs

Anime's I watch

My bae xDD

Which game should I play next? 

4 deviants said Something else? (Comment ^^)
3 deviants said Mermaid Swamp
2 deviants said The Crooked Man
1 deviant said Grounded
1 deviant said The Hanged Man
1 deviant said Ghosted

Which game should I play next? 

4 deviants said Something else? (Comment ^^)
3 deviants said Mermaid Swamp
2 deviants said The Crooked Man
1 deviant said Grounded
1 deviant said The Hanged Man
1 deviant said Ghosted


.:Romano and Elise's day out:.
Hnnnnnnngh, I remembered a rp I did like- 9-10 years ago. I was going to make a comic of it, but omg- this picture explains it all!!!
Well, Elise put lamby on Romano's head, then he told her to be careful. After he said that, Elise replied back "hehe don't worry! Lamby won't fall because I know you would catch lamby just like how you would catch me!" AJDIASFSFJOFJFNFJFAJSF I AM FANGIRLING OVER THIS WHAT XDD I'M SORRY IGNORE ME!! I AM STILL A GOOD SPYYYY (inside joke xD)

Romano~ Nachi Akira (idk why I love this Romano so much meep) 
Elise~ eto/HarukaSakurai
Lamby~ o_deadsilvervirus_o
Stage~ SachiShirakawa
Tagged by SerenaSyrupChan18  ^^

[ ] You hate the world. 
[X] You hate society. 
[X] You think vampires are cool. 
[X] You write poetry.
[ ] You have colored your hair black on Halloween. 
[ ] You wear black/blue eyeliner. 
[/] You write poetry that's not for school. 
[ ] You are freakishly obsessed with darkness.
[ ] You think love is a waste of time.
[X] You've given up on the world. 
Total= 4.5

[X] You've shopped at Hot Topic.
[X] You've spent over $100 at Hot Topic. (NO SHAME)
[ ] You wear more bracelets than a Russian.
[ ] You own a dog collar, that's not for your dog. 
[ ] You're extremely pale. 
[ ] You are a member of a poetry site.
[ ] Your screen name has been an oxymoron. (idk tbh.. so I'll leave it blank??)
[ ] You are an atheist or agnostic.
[ ] You don't believe in god. 
[ ] Your screen name has/had X's in it. 
Total = 2

[ ] You have been referred to as scary. 
[ ] You have been referred to as demented.
[X] You have been referred to as weird.
[ ] You have been known to hate teachers.
[ ] You have been known to cause trouble.
[ ] Your hair has been dyed a color that was not natural. 
[ ] You have at least one photoshopped picture on myspace.
[X] You think pictures look better in greyscale or sepia tone. 
[/] You are scared of yourself sometimes. (Well I don't have a lot of self confidence)
Total = 2.5

[ ] Suicide has crossed your mind. 
[X] You have screamed before. 
[ ] You use big words that no one has ever heard before on occasion.
[X] You've seen The Exorcist. (unfortunately, my dad made me watch it) 
[ ] You liked The Exorcist.
[ ] You've seen Saw.
[ ] You liked Saw. 
[ ] You've done voodoo.
[ ] You hate sports.
[ ] You dress up as the most morbid thing possible on Halloween.
Total = 2 

[X] Halloween is one of your favorite holidays. 
[ ] You have an obsession with fire.
[X] You have only a couple of actual friends 
[ ] You're not afraid of spiders. 
[/] You have had a conversation about how you want to die. 
[ ] You wear/worn black nail polish 
[ ] One or more of your myspace pics had writing on them.
[ ] You have had the word "...." in your display name.
[X] You love art.
[/] You like art with negative meanings. (depends..)
Total = 4

[ ] You like skinny jeans. 
[X] Music is life.
[X] Your hair covers part of your face.
[ ] You wear/wore band shirts 
[ ] You know who Jeffree Star is. (Eheheheh.... I am terrible with names..)
[ ] You wear/wore converse.
[ ] You wear/wore vans. 
[ ] You have/had your lip pierced. 
[] You listen to Saves The Day, Emanual, and Saliva.
Total = 2

[ ] You are in a band.
[X] You like My Chemical Romance.
[X] You also like Green Day. 
[ ] You know what mosh means. (I don't even wanna look it up XD)
[X] You sit in corners often. 
[ ] You hate MTV. 
[ ] You take pictures of yourself a lot.
[ ] Especially ones where you can't see your whole face. 
Total = 3

[ ] You are lost without a CD player/iPod/mp3. 
[X] You have/had thick rimmed glasses. 
[X] You have no issues with bi/gay people. 
[ ] You have/had a Mohawk.
[ ] You like Slipknot. 
[X] You hate where you live.
[X] Black is a great color.
Total = 4

[ ] Right now you are listening to music. (I'm actually not, that's surprising xD)
[ ] You know what hxc and sxc means.
[ ] Myspace = love. 
[X] Hot Topic doesn't scare me. 
[ ] You wear/wore studded belts.
[ ] You have cried while listening to Hawthorne Heights.
[ ] For Guys: I have worn girls jeans. 
[X] You cry a lot. 
[X] You write on yourself. 
[ ] You have been called emo before. 
Total = 3

For your final points, multiply it by 2, and post this as: "I am % edgy"

I am not going to tag anyone.
I was tagged by my sisters :iconchaseisthefire: and :iconczechtoast: c:

R U L E S 
1. Answer the 13 questions made by the deviant who tagged you, then make your own 13 questions!

2. Tag 13 deviants (Shizzz..)

3. Don't say " You're tagged if you're reading this " Because let's be honest no one will read this unless they were tagged (x~x) 

4. It is forbidden not to tag anyone. (welp..) 

5. And finally, don't tag the deviant who tagged you !!

Chase's questions Lovely Shoujo (Spy) [V] : 

1) Have any pets?
Yep I do!! 2 doggies c: 
2) Any allergies?
Unfortunately, yes
3) Favourite language?
I actually really love German and Italian xDD PLZ DON'T JUDGEE MEEEHH
4) Have any AU's?? I have loaddddds
I have a tonnn xDD too lazy to list em ;v; 
5) Favourite catchphrase?
XDDD IF "I"M A GOOD SPY :socool: " counts XD I'M SORRY
6) Are you a good spy? (inside joke, sorry)
Yeeeees I am a good spy, I promise ;~; (XDD Britney Spears - Pretty Girls Interested 
7) What types of social media are you on?
Yep, FB, DA, YT, Skype, Discord, G+. I do have a twitter but to activate it I'll have to listen to a call for numbers and I don't like answering phone calls. Ik Ik I'm weird.....
8) Who's your favourite artist on Deviant Art?
9) Are you open to people's views?
Yep I am 
10) How do you respond to hate?
Honestly now, I shrug it off. Haters are gonna hate, don't let dem stop you!
11) What's a perfect day for you?
Relaxing and talking to friends without any distractions or work to do would honestly be considered a perfect day to me c: 
12) Name a good quality about yourself, please?
I respect others opinions, I'm a good listener, and apparently I have a sense of humor according to friends? 
13) Any favourite video games you always love to play?
Legend of Zelda, Animal crossing, Corpse Party, Mad Father, ND GAMES YEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! I AM A GREAT SPY GUYS I PROMISE XDDD

Toast Questions Evil Toast ChibiXDD (YEE TOASTING THINGS UP I'M SORRY XD) 

1) The most embarrassing moment of your life? (you don't need to answer this tho)
hmm...... I guess when I tried getting my dog's attention one time and then I called out my cousin's name that was sitting next to me in my sweet dog calling voice ;v; 
2) What is your favorite anime/TV show/movie/game?
HNNNNNNNNNGHH I CAN'T CHOOOOOOOSE ;v; WELLL >.< A movie I can't stop watching is Beauty and the Beast... BOTH VERSIONS. Yet, it's what I am using to also help me sleep at night ;v; Favorite game, GOOD GOD. I want to go with ND game, Tie between Ghost of Thornton hall and Secrets of Shadow Ranch owo
3) Do you like musicals? ovo
4) Life is not the same without ______ (be creative! o7o and explain why did you choose this xD)
Me being a good spyy (XD I AM SORRY)
5) The most annoying song you have ever heard?
6) Yaoi or Yuri? (sorry really random here)
I GOTTA GO WITH...... BOTHH *hits invisible both button* 
7) Tell us something about your OTP or favorite ship.
*Picks up mic* USUK, THEY ARE GREAT SPIES. *drops mic* THANK YOU XDD
8) What character you would protect with your own body?
Welp, Prussia apparently killed me in the hunger games sooo, he's off the list. SOOOOOOO I CHOOSE *throws pokemon ball* NORWAY I CHOOSE YOUU XD
9) Your favorite quote? 
10) Do you listen to Kpop?
Yep I do! c:
11) The best and worst fandom for you?
Best Fandom.... is actually Inuyasha, and Clannad ;v;
Worst is unfortunately-  FNAF. People have gone beyond too far. Yet Hetalia Fandom is pretty bad too- 

12) Ever read Killing Stalking? 
Nope but I wanna read it now ;v;
13) How would you react if the person you last talked to was a secret superhero? (idk random again)
"Yo, you're a super hero? Are you a good spy too?" XDDD 

My questions yay!!
1. Favorite color? 
2. Tea or Coffee (Idk xD)
3. Favorite Fruit? 
4. Favorite Sport? 
5. What skill(s) would you like to master? 
6. What Anime do you refuse to watch?
7. What is that annoying question people ask you? (I'm running out of ideass)
8. Favorite book? 
9. Favorite animal? 
10. Favorite Holiday? (I'm sorry for all the favorite questions- I am terrible at thiss)
11. Do you like Roller-coasters? 
12. What place would you like to visit for a vacation? 
13. What are some of your hobbies? (THERE DONE XDD)

Oh boy... this part. 
I taaaag.....



.:Full of Sunshine:.
Idek about title xDD

Elise~ Tda/HarukaSakurai
Skydome by~ 怪獣対若大将P
Which game should I play next?
4 deviants said Something else? (Comment ^^)
3 deviants said Mermaid Swamp
2 deviants said The Crooked Man
1 deviant said Grounded
1 deviant said The Hanged Man
1 deviant said Ghosted


( ") *a wild Dango appears*
Sat Mar 25, 2017, 1:52 PM
//throws llamas at you
Tue Mar 21, 2017, 6:02 AM
That I love my big sis <3
Fri Mar 17, 2017, 1:43 PM


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